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Resources For Zeppelins Over Hollywoodland

We're making these files available for potential players of our February convention events.

List of Playable Characters
Players will be able to choose a Character from this list (415kb PDF), or create their own!

DECO 2nd Edition Character Sheet Tour And Rules Summary
Players will be provided with this handout at the event, but we're providing it here if you'd like to review it before or after the event (2.2mb PDF). It should also be helpful for 1st Edition DECO fans to review the changes in the new edition.

Blank Zeppelin Age Character Sheet, Gear and Vehicle Cards
Blanks for creating your own Characters, Gear, or Vehicles (1mb PDF). These'll need to be filled in the old fashioned way, but we will provide form fillable versions in March with the release of Octocalypse.

Director Resources: Challenge Cards, Distress Points, and Pavlov Points
We provide these sheets in case you'd like to run your own Zeppelin Age adventures (2.2mb PDF).

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